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Hello lovelies! Long time no see, I know. April was a crazy month as I was finishing up my last semester of classes for the year, then took a couple of weeks to SLEEP and get myself together. I had a really bad case of end of the year burnout. Any other students out there know what I’m talking about!? I can definitely say that I am looking forward to summer not just for the break, but to have more time to catch up on my TBR and WIP! I have so many ideas for future posts as well as working on something super secret and little exciting that I will elaborate on in the future… (insert evil cackle here).

Currently, I am preparing to go on a trip to see family up in the Mitten! (Michigan for non northerners) I am very excited as I have not been back for a few years. I still have yet to pack, but I am always a late packer. Although my current problem is trying to figure out which books to bring! I feel that is almost as hard as trying to figure out what and how many shoes to bring… because let’s be honest, its Michigan. You never know what you’re going to get. I am also curious to know if any other readers like to read a specific kind of genre while they travel, or if its just me? When I travel I like to read suspenseful thrillers, historical fiction, or a rich storyline that has travel as it’s center. Eat, Pray, Love is one of my favorites when I get that wanderlust bug. Do you travel a lot? I’d love to  know your recommendations!

Until next time, friends!

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